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“By Matthew Upton of Linkedin”

It’s the end of an interview. This one was particularly grueling and it was the end of a hectic day as well, but you feel like it went well.

Then there it is…”do you have any questions of us?”…ummm…”well, it seems like you have answered all my questions”…or, you grasp at…”what training will I receive?”.

Here is the killer closer question… and it isn’t “when do I start?”, it’s this…

“If I do join the business in this role, what challenges will I face?”

I love it. It’s an intelligent question to ask and it gets the interviewer thinking.

It gets the interviewer thinking about you in the role, and it also allows you to uncover more about the role and company and whether the role is right for you, because at the end of it all, that’s what matters most… Is the role right for you?

For more on interview tips, see my profile. You may not need them now, but at some point in your career, they may just come in handy.

About Matt:

Matt Upton is one of the most experienced recruiters in the Sydney design market. Although an Aussie, he started his recruitment career in London, moving to Dublin where he built an award winning firm recruiting Architects for local practices. He then successfully refocused the firm on the international scene, and placed Architects in the Middle East, North America, Asia Pacific and Australia. For the last 3 years, he has returned home, recruiting Architects in the Sydney market. Matt’s core belief is that Recruitment is a growth industry. People change jobs to grow their careers, and firms take on people to grow their business. Matt’s passion is helping make this happen.