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Time For a New Approach to Motivating Millennials

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Article Written by:  Susan Fowler,

A business magazine in Korea interviewed me for an article on the science of motivation. I didn’t realize the article was focused on millennials until I saw the headline — the only part written in English.

No matter where I work in the world, the question of motivating millennials seems to pop up. Understandable, since this group of people ages 16 to 37 constitutes the largest segment of the world’s current and future labor force (35% in the U.S.). I can’t read the article in Korean, so I thought I’d capture the essence of what I really think about motivating millennials.

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Amazon Opening DC in Grand Rapids

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Amazon is setting plans for an 855,000-square-foot distribution center in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area.

61 million Gen Zers Are About to Enter the US Workforce and Radically Change it Forever

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Article Written by Chris Morris,

  • Gen Z accounts for 61 million people in the U.S., a group larger than Gen X.
  • Hiring Gen Zers will require more of a marketing effort by companies. This group is looking more for good day-to-day work experiences.
  • Managers say it will be more difficult to manage and train Gen Z employees than older generations, since they are not as savvy at social interaction, according to a national survey by APPrise Mobile.

A new generation is starting to enter the workforce, and the office as you know it could be about to change dramatically. Generation Z — people born after 1996 — is about to hit the working world in a big way. Consulting firm BridgeWorks estimates that Gen Z accounts for 61 million people in the U.S., a number that’s already larger than Generation X and two-thirds the size of the baby boomers.

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Tim Canning and Jeff Felton Join LogistiCare

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LogistiCare, the nation’s largest non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) broker, today announced Tim Canning has joined the company as chief customer officer with direct responsibility for sales, marketing, government relations and client services, reporting to Jeff Felton, LogistiCare CEO. In this newly created position, he will lead a collaborative effort with customers and across the organization to drive development of breakthrough strategies that deliver ever-evolving value propositions to key stakeholders and markets.

Hormel Foods Announces Several New Hires

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Hormel Foods Corporation announced that JEFF FRANK, president of MegaMex Foods (Orange CA), has been named vice-president of Foodservice marketing at the company’s global headquarters in Austin MN. Frank replaces DAVID WEBER, who was recently promoted to vice-president of Foodservice sales. RYAN MICHAELIS (pictured), vice-president of sales and marketing at MegaMex Foods, has been named president of MegaMex Foods and will report to its board of managers. MegaMex Foods is a joint venture between Hormel Foods and Herdez del Fuerte designed to bring authentic Mexican flavors to consumers.

9 Negotiation Tips for People Who Hate Negotiating

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Article Written by:  Sara Lindberg, Business Insider

  • Negotiation is not the same thing as conflict— you have to be willing to compromise and/or say no if you don’t like the offer.
  • Though it’s widely hated, being able to negotiate is a skill you need if you want to get ahead in your career.
  • Being optimistic, prepared, and using active listening can boost your changes of success.

When I left the comfort of a steady paycheck to pursue full-time freelance work, I had no idea how difficult negotiating in the work world was going to be.

For the prior 20 years, I’d lived in the land of education. I worked in a system that pays a set amount of money based on two criteria: the number of years you’ve been working, and the amount of education you have.

As a result, I was poorly prepared for the world of freelance, where being successful requires you to be a master negotiator — something I’ve always hated doing.

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David Works New Executive VP and Chief HR Officer at US Foods Holding

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US Foods Holding Corporation announced that DAVID WORKS has joined the company as executive vice-president and chief human resources officer. He joins US Foods from Hackensack Meridian Health, where he served as chief HR officer for the not-for-profit health care organization. Previously, Works led the HR organizations at Windstream and Sears Holdings and also served as president of the Enterprise Business Unit at Windstream.

Stop Hating The People You Serve

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Article Written By:  Dan @ LeadershipFreakBlog
May 8, 2018
Leaders get frustrated with the people they serve. You hear them grumble, “What’s wrong with people?” It happens in the business world, education, church world, and governments as well.

“Dissatisfaction – apart from loving action – eventually morphs into hate.”

10 symptoms of hateful leadership:

Minimizing or ignoring your impact on others.
Peevishness that won’t let go of small issues, faults, or offenses.
Withholding help when you’re able to make work easier for others.
Criticism that points to wrong without working to make something right.
Complaining that camps in the past.

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Steve Miller Joins Pressure Systems

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Pressure Systems International has hired Steve Miller as senior director of engineering. He joins PSI with more than 23 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry, most recently holding the position of vice-president–business development and trailer systems engineering at AXN Heavy Duty.

Joseph Tomczak new CFO at St. George Logistics

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St George Logistics (STG), provider of specialty third-party logistics and transportation services, has appointed JOSEPH “JOE” TOMCZAK as its new chief financial officer. Previously, he served as CFO at Neovia Logistics and helped lead its transition from a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc into a stand-alone business owned by Platinum Equity. Before that, Tomczak was CFO for Martin-Brower, a provider of global distribution and logistics services for the foodservice industry. Prior to that, he was CFO at TDS Logistics/Syncreon International, an automotive and technology logistics services supplier owned by The Yucaipa Companies.

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