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Article Written By:  Andy Zeeman,

1. Wear a 2 piece suit

You can never go wrong with a 2 piece suit, be it a skirt suit or a pantsuit. A well fitting suit looks professional and goes a long way to make a good first impression. Stick to black, navy or dark grey for the interview.

2. Keep it conservative

No outlandish cuts & styles. A good conservative suit and a dress shirt is all you need. Outlandish dress never goes down well in interviews. Short skirts and low cut blouses are out. Wear stockings, to be on the safe side. It is not always necessary, but it is always acceptable. Don’t wear wild nail polish. Stay on the safe side and err on the side of conservatism.

3. Shirts

Shirts should be white or light coloured. Avoid purple and avoid orange. Any other light colour goes. A well tailored shirt is always a winner. If you have any doubt, stick with white. White is a classic colour and is never a wrong choice.

4. Shoes

Mid-heeled, closed toe is the safest option. Toe peepers might be acceptable in many cases, but if you have any doubt, go with closed toe shoes. The design should fit into the overall conservative image and not overwhelm it. Keep them understated. Also, make sure they are clean and shined/buffed.

5. Go light

Jewelry should be simple and elegant. It should complement your suit. Keep earrings to simple studs or small diameter hoops. Necklaces could be a simple, small pendant. The safe rule is to go with less, rather than more. Wedding bands or engagement rings are always acceptable. A nice, conservative watch is always a good idea. Make-up rule #1: Less is more. Perfume rule #: Less is more. Keep it a light, distinctive fragrance.