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“by Karaoulanis Andreas,”

There are times, when one has to take her next step. And I mean in everything. In a relationship, in life in general, in the way she is thinking and definitely in her job. Job is a vital part of everybody’s life and just because nothing is forever, in the same way you end a relationship, sometimes you have to end your job “relationship”. Maybe is not good, but be careful, as everything in this life has its own risks, sometimes, staying in a bad relationship/job can create more risks than go away from it. It depends on many things.
But how you can understand that is the time for you to make the next step in your career and change your job?

You are not willing to get up in the morning and go to your work. This is one of the worst scenarios. “Not again 07:30”, “where am I going again?..” are some of the questions you might think every morning. This is not a good sign.

You counting the hours to get back home. “Two hours left” etc. You can’t stop looking at your watch. This is not good for both the company and the employee because has a bad effect in both of them. This is not a good sign either.

You don’t care about what customers want or need, although you may understand that this is not the right thing to do. “Oh, leave me alone. Who cares about what you want. Just finish and leave me alone..” This is a very bad case for your company. It is when your company needs to ask itself, what have I done to make this guy feel and treat this way?? Not a good sign either..

You don’t care about your targets. When your boss tells you that you didn’t reach your semester’s targets, you think “who cares…” Not a good sign..

You don’t care about what your boss tells you. Whatever she tells you, you don’t care because you are simply not there. Bad sign too. Creates a lack of equilibrium in your job and a bad team..

Something is missing from your life’s soup. Because you don’t have a good time in your job, this reflects to your entire life. Your job is a vital part of your life, so you need to have quality time during the 8-10 hours you are there. Otherwise, you have a bad sign in your hands..

You can’t concentrate in what you are doing during your working hours. This is easy to understand. You are not there mentally, so you can’t concentrate. So simple. Bad sign too and something which creates risks.

You can’t wait to reach Friday.. Well, for some people this is irrelevant of weather they like their jobs or not, but in general, when you are about to leave, every Monday, the target is Friday afternoon. Bad sign here..

You don’t care about the money, you just want to start something new no matter the risk. This is the really desperate situation. The one who feels so desperate, so she already have started to find a new job, or even if she didn’t, mentally she is not there, so money is not an issue in such occasions. Very bad sign here..

You envy your friends for their jobs and/or life style. That means that you want something better than what you have, something which usually springs from a job you don’t like. This sign is devastating, because makes you feel sad and the thing is that the moment you start feeling that way, is the moment you already have gone…

All the above mentioned signs are bad ones and have always the same results, bad for employees and their jobs. A happy employee can create value thus revenue. That is why so many jobs are proud for their cultures and their happy employees. A miserable employee has to go away. The problem for her is that she must do a new start while for the company is double, to find an equivalent employee while to understand what made her leave. Herself or the company? Telling truths is difficult sometimes for everybody but is always the only way to go ahead.

So, what about you? Do you recognize any of these signs? I hope you don’t because otherwise you need to think it twice for continuing in the same job you are into. Some can say that there are more signs. I agree. Of course many people can recognize some of these signs in their lives, but they don’t feel like leaving their jobs. In my opinion, nothing is absolute. What they must consider is if they are telling themselves the truth about all the signs. Then it’s up to them to decide if the positive signs are more than the negatives. Sometimes also, you must consider that leaving is not possible no matter how much you want it due to special circumstances. The issue is very complicated and depends on the case.

My advice, is what ever you feel, be honest with yourselves and your colleagues. Honesty can only lead you to the right decision.